Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: What kind of fantastic trees have you got growing around here?

Following criticism of the Trumps’ Texas visit last Tuesday—hawking hats, wearing stilettos, not addressing or meeting with victims, claiming first-hand witnessing of damage—the president and first lady head to Houston for a do-over.

The White House hedges on Trump’s promise to personally donate $1 million to Harvey Victims—his notoriously sketchy history of charity donations says even if it happens, it might be through one of his foundations.

Walter Shaub describes the many tangents and loopholes that could occur between Trump and an actual personal donation in this tweet.

Looking at previous disasters, the US economy can handle big storms, but modern flood insurance may not be adequate.

For less than $2 an hour, female inmates in California volunteer to fight wildfires with little training.

“This is maddening: Saudi Arabia successfully blackmails the United Nations to bar journalists so as to prevent coverage of Saudi atrocities.” We wonder how Russia can possibly support Syria, and yet we’re backing and arming Saudi war crimes in Yemen.

A study of US policy and the atrocities in Syria since 2011.

“When Diana died, a crack appeared in a vial of grief, and released a salt ocean. A nation took to the boats.” Hilary Mantel, of Wolf Hall fame, deconstructs the princess myth, Diana’s death, and what 1997 means today.

Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah digs into the makings of Dylann Roof, to find out what "weaponized autism" means for a killer.

Lonzo Ball's youngest brother becomes first high school kid with a signature shoe—possibly risking a college career.

“It was like a Kickstarter before Kickstarter. I think one dude donated like a thousand dollars. He couldn’t stand SongMeanings being down.” A history of the lyrics site that defined countless teenhoods.

We knew post-punk had some bleak bands, but these horror book covers of '80s artists are kinda terrifying.

Postcards from the 1960s and '70s compared to their present-day, decayed locations.

Some travel writing for your weekend: What it's like to cross the Australian outback on camelback with your parents.

"Everything around me is new and I’m inspired by everyone I meet." Creative types on why and how to work abroad.

A new solo show at Galerie Paris-Beijing by Chinese artist Liu Bolin, in which he makes himself or others disappear.

We wish you a safe holiday weekend, full of peace wherever you find it. Perhaps this 2011 Japanese advertisement where a wooden ball plays Bach in the forest.