Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: What to expect

Four days after the election, the US presidential race hovers in suspended animation. Three storylines to watch over the weekend. / POLITICO

Meanwhile, the president’s chief of staff and several employees of the White House and Trump’s campaign team test positive for the coronavirus. / The Associated Press

Joe Biden is confident his campaign will win the election. President Trump moves into the burn-it-down phase everyone saw coming. Don’t expect a concession speech. / CNN, The Atlantic, The Washington Post

(Joke) headline of the week: “Media Condemns Biden For Baseless Claim That Nation Will Come Together Once Election Over.” / The Onion

Twitter confirms that, if Trump leaves office, he will no longer receive special treatment as a “newsworthy individual.” / The Guardian

The design history of the map behind “land doesn’t vote, people do.” / The Morning News

To pull off election fraud requires an unrealistic level of planning, coordination, good luck ”and a high tolerance for risk." / The New York Times

Regarding the Latino/a vote: “A lot of times I don’t think we ask the question: ‘How come white people are so Republican?’” / The Los Angeles Times

Trump’s strongest demographic? Married women. Biden’s strongest demographic? Unmarried women. / Twitter

In case you missed it, Colorado joins 15 other states that have voted to give their electoral votes to the popular winner. / Fox News

Forget that we’re not really a democracy—is our government no longer able to govern? A selection of five stories. / The Morning News

Going by the numbers, Republicans hold a majority in the Senate due to malapportionment, which has enormous implications. / Vox

Support for Trump increased in 2020 in many of the U.S. counties that lost lives at the highest rate to COVID-19. / NPR

Tyler Cowen: The pandemic will continue to reshape politics and public opinion. Like killing off the progressive left. / Bloomberg

Cardiologists find evidence of heart abnormalities in over one-third of student athletes who test positive for the coronavirus. / The Conversation

Scientists know masks limit the virus’s spread, but it’s impossible for randomized trials to prove that. / The New York Times

Peloton, the connected fitness bike company, is now worth more than Ford. / The Financial Times

"I made £8,000 by sculpting boobs during lockdown." / WIRED

A list of things people are looking forward to. / Laura Olin

Unrelated: Balenciaga and Vibram collaborate in a five-toed heel/shoe collection. / designboom

A poem for your weekend: Marge Piercy’s “To be of use.” / Poetry Magazine

And in climate news, a time capsule from the Arctic Circle washed up in Ireland. It was from 2018. / The Guardian