Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: What your ban says about you

More than 1,000 people have died in Morocco in the strongest earthquake to strike the country in 120 years. / AP

For all the countries that are not China, Russia, or the US, hedging remains a sound strategy—though one that becomes harder to maintain over time. / Foreign Affairs

Apple's market cap has lost $190 billion since Wednesday, after China ordered its government employees to stop using iPhones at work. / Reuters

Why are TikTok bans taking hold in several African nations? "It seems it's a political decision shrouded in a morality cloak." / Rest of World

On the praying football coach, whose complaint was hardly what it seemed, and the Supreme Court's recent tendency to hear cases from the "phantom docket." / The New Republic

A jury has found the BNSF railroad retaliated against a track inspector who claims he was fired for reporting "too many defects." / KSTP

New Mexico's governor will enact a month-long ban on open- and concealed-carry of firearms in Albuquerque following an 11-year-old's death in a road-rage shooting. / Albuquerque Journal

An interactive map shows how many days it's been since a city had a record-high temperature. / The Pudding

An essential moment in evolutionary biology: when primates' joints evolved beyond climbing up trees—and allowed them to climb down. / The New York Times

"It's a don't ask, don't tell system. I can't afford to have my business threatened over a registration number." Inside LA's illegal Airbnb market. / Los Angeles Times

A trip to the New York Times' clippings archive—aka the morgue—to investigate the paper's transition to computer typesetting in the 1970s. / Linotype Book Project

NASA has successfully wrapped up an experiment to produce oxygen on Mars, an essential ingredient not just for breathing, but in rocket fuel. / Space

Keith Haring's computer art, created on an Amiga given to him by Timothy Leary in 1986. / Boing Boing