Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: When your coworker says it’s just allergies.

This year's flu is the worst since 2009—and hospitalizations just jumped, which likely means deaths will increase.

Scientists now posit Earth's first eon, the Hadean—thought to be "dark and hellish"—may still have supported life.

To aid astronauts on Mars, lest they solve problems through overly complex solutions, NASA looks to biomimicry.

Researchers connect elevated air pollution to increased suicide rates among people with mental disorders.

Trump's EPA is reinterpreting the Clean Air Act to loosen air pollution restrictions on industrial facilities.

The Seventh Congressional District in Pennsylvania is nicknamed Goofy Kicking Donald Duck because its highly contorted shape resembles one Disney character planting a foot in the posterior of another. Pennsylvanians know their congressional map is gerrymandered to the point of ridicule.

A new Guardian poll finds most Britons, by a wide margin, want a revote on Brexit.

Trump has mastered the art of the non-apology—though we'd say it reads more like nihilism.

Now we are seeing another wave of experts who haven’t thought through the devastating effects on disabled individuals of establishing an ideal standard of “fitness” for a particular position. Historically, discussing “fitness” for anything has excluded those with disabilities—don’t revive it for politics.

50 Cent discovers he once accepted bitcoin for an album—now reportedly worth more than $7.5 million.

In 2017, the richest 2,000 people on Earth saw their wealth increase by a staggering $762 billion.

The maintenance of a list of women’s names per city—the optics of that were not good. Inside the world of Weinstein’s final hours before everything collapsed.

An interactive taxonomy of music artists shows what you're most likely to enjoy based on what you already like.

A new bill in Congress could revamp music royalties—artists would get paid sooner when their music is streamed.

Statistical outcomes of first marriages, both positive and negative.

In an homage to his youth, artist Andrew Glazebrook creates a miniature 1980s video rental store.

Video: A meditative, animated short by Mehdi Shiri