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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Where there’s a wall there’s a way.

Smugglers are sawing through sections of Trump's border wall using relatively inexpensive power tools.

Beto O'Rourke ends his presidential campaign, telling supporters he won't run for office next year—and that includes a Senate bid.

"People dismiss 15-year-old girls, but they know what’s going on." Texas teens are registering voters at their quinceañeras.

Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle declines his White House invitation: "I think over the course of his time in office he’s done a lot of things that maybe don’t respect the office."

Following the Deadspin resignations, a roundup of recent walkouts shows the considerable power workers wield.

Government agencies targeted Indian activists and journalists with a WhatsApp hack.

On data voids—"search engine queries that turn up little to no results"—and the threat they pose for spreading disinformation.

"I had unknowingly stumbled into a nationwide web of deception that appeared to span eight cities and nearly 100 [Airbnb] listings."

Life expectancy for American men has dropped for a third consecutive year, due to overdoses and suicides.

Measles can cause people to experience "immune amnesia," where bodies forget how to fight prior diseases.

“Those old trees can tell which seedlings are of their own seed.” Trees exhibit intelligent behavior that we can observe, but barely understand.

On the new animism: Granting legal rights to trees, rivers, and other members of the natural world.

The original Blade Runner started in November 2019. Here's the film's intro sequence with footage of the LA wildfires.

Little is being done to alter the course of literature of the Western canon, which remains dominated by white males.

“One was—you couldn’t even see it. The next one was a little bit rounded and the next one really was.” The history of the Ken doll’s crotch.

The streaming wars killed the Golden Age of TV. More corporate decision-making is resulting in fewer creative risks.

See also: With the launch of Disney+ and streaming's future ubiquity in the US, the entertainment landmark of "fall TV" may be ending.

A thousand years of changing borders in Europe overlaid onto one map.

More than 50 tracks from 1983 mashed up into one three-minute song.

Artist Jeremy John Kaplan replaces deteriorating nets at community basketball courts with new, bright-gold nets.

“Brian said being in a public relationship online means promising to like his comments when he gets in arguments with members of the Yang Gang in public Facebook groups.” Is he into me, or is he just trying to get me to vote for Bernie?

Large-scale impasto portraits and landscapes painted from found photos and news images, by Li Songsong.

Welcoming lights emit from homes photographed at first (or last) light, by Mark Webber.