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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Where there’s smoke, there are mirrors.

The FDA has authorized the use of remdesivir in patients who are severely ill with suspected or diagnosed COVID-19.

Canada’s Trudeau: "Effective immediately, it is no longer permitted to buy, sell, transport, import or use military-grade assault weapons in this country."

Citing a state medical privacy law, Texas nursing homes won't tell families whether COVID-19 has been found in facilities.

"A largely neglected field of organizational psychology provides an explanation and a roadmap for ameliorating physician burnout."

Science-backed ways to stay safe if you're worried your state is reopening too early.

Fewer skyscrapers, smartphone-controlled elevators, bigger desks: what architects think COVID-19 will do to offices and cities.

"The Postal Service is the designated deliverer in 72 cities to deliver medicine in the aftermath of a biological attack."

See also: A writer becomes a carrier for the US Postal Service out of a long-held love for the mail. What she discovers are screams, threats, lies, labor violations, and dog attacks.

How camera lenses and perspectives can make it look like people are ignoring social-distancing rules, when they're not.

A professor's five books to understand "the politics of information," from the novel Red Plenty to a Silicon Valley memoir.

A scholar of medieval rabbinical literature finds plenty of precedent for this supposedly unprecedented moment.

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Attempting to stockpile during quarantine, David Sedaris hopes to live up to his father’s hoarding prowess.

In Renaissance Italy, wine glasses were hard to drink from, by design—so the graceful could set themselves apart.

The first installment is now available for Robert Fripp's 50-week ambient soundscape series, which hopes to ease listeners through quarantine.

An architecture firm has published free downloadable activities for children to "think differently about space and buildings."

On making "quaranzines" as a way to reach out to the world during isolation.

"The sound of sneaking out and experimenting." Twenty years on, The Virgin Suicides soundtrack evokes teenhood at any age.

More than 50 songs from 1984 mashed into a single three-minute track.

This is fascinating: An analysis of the most recognizable hit songs, by generation.

Legendary drummer and Feli Kuti collaborator Tony Allen, regarded as one of the creators of Afrobeat, has died at 79.

How to build your own drive-in theater.