A new political theory says there is no swing voter, only pro- and anti-Trumpers. For either side to win, fear of America’s future must be stoked.

ICYMI: Internet trolls and Trump supporters clogged Iowa caucus hotlines for reporting results.

Going into Tuesday’s primary, the Iowa debacle is shaking New Hampshire voters’ faith in elections.

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Lies, half-lies, hyperbole, and nonsense: Trump is planning to spend more than $1 billion on reelection, much of it on falsehoods.

Contrary to the Trump Organization's statements, Trump hotels charge the Secret Service up to $650/night for rooms.

A study finds that less cooperative, less kind, and less considerate men often drive high-status, mainly German cars.

Chinese people are using Les Misérables and Chernobyl to mourn Li Wenliang, the coronavirus whistleblower.

Greenland used to have one of the world's lowest suicide rates. Now it's the highest, due to social isolation, alcohol, and child sexual abuse.

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