Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Who’s zoomin’ who?

"This is the definition of defamation." Legal experts weigh in on voting software company Smartmatic's $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News. / CNN

Following the Smartmatic lawsuit, Fox News cancels Lou Dobbs Tonight, its highest-rated show and a promoter of Trump's election fraud claims. / Vox

Using location data to track the movements in the days surrounding the insurrection of people who unlawfully entered the Capitol. / The New York Times

The NFL has offered up all 30 of its stadiums as potential mass vaccination sites. / NPR

To accommodate social distancing, this year's Puppy Bowl was taped in an actual sports arena, rather than a soundstage. / USA Today

See also: What it's like to try and get bartenders to switch the channel from the Super Bowl to the Puppy Bowl. / The Morning News

Researchers find most zoombombing incidents occur when legitimate attendees share meeting information with potential attackers. / Ars Technica

See also: The Handforth parish council's Zoom meeting devolves into chaos in three-and-a-half minutes. / YouTube

"Herriot appeared on my TV screen, a rural veterinarian who doesn't need a suit and tie, but who wears them anyway." Drawing WFH sartorial inspiration from All Creatures Great and Small. / InsideHook

We appear to have skipped flu season this year—lockdowns, masking, and other Covid interventions are likely why. / The Atlantic

"We haven't been to a grocery store since Christmas Eve." On getting Covid after doing everything right. / LAist

Documenting our current era: A collection of facemask and social-distancing signage. / Pandemic Graphics Archive

Nevada Democrats introduce state legislation that would allow tech companies to govern campuses with county-level authorities. / Associated Press

A syllabus for discussing and analyzing AMC's great tech-history show Halt and Catch Fire with a critical eye. / Ashley Blewer

Christopher Plummer has died at 91. / The Hollywood Reporter

How nine hikers died in the Ural Mountains in 1959 may now have its best explanation—thanks in part to Frozen's snow animation code. / National Geographic

On a decades-old right-wing conspiracy theory about "esquire" as a title of nobility and the "missing" Thirteenth Amendment. / Atlas Obscura

"To truly save the republic, we need to level up to a parliamentary system. Joe Biden should be our last president." / The Nation

AFROSURF is the first photo book documenting Africa's continent-wide surf culture. / Dazed

"The pilot here is part of the narrative, two screens reflect back at them." An art historian reviews fighter cockpits. / Hush-Kit

Aesthetics Wiki is dedicated to chronicling every current aesthetic trend—and associated micro-trends. / The Atlantic

The internet has everything, including an open-sourced library of more than 95,000 screams. / Just Scream

"Little bustard," "go-away-bird," and other bird species named by "people who clearly hate birds." / The Morning News

Dutch illustrator Ootje Oxenaar habitually and whimsically redesigned the spines on his books. / PRINT