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Saturday Headlines: Word to four-day work.

None of the various hypotheses for Trump being a Russian pawn quite pan out—which still leaves collusion as a possibility.

It's not inconceivable Russia would aid Democrats in 2018—in order to give Trump a reelection punching bag.

Republicans are actively eroding public health care, which could strengthen Democrats' midterm platform.

They are prioritizing their white interests, their misogynist interests, their homophobic interests, their xenophobic interests, their Christian nationalist interests, etc., etc, over their class interests. Unraveling the myth that poor white Americans “vote against their interests” by supporting Trump.

Anticipated voter turnout polls of Americans under 30 vary wildly—anywhere from 28 to 48% say they'll definitely vote in the midterms.

The US hasn't acknowledged the theft last year of plutonium—still missing—from a truck at a Texas Marriott.

Nixon reached out to South Vietnam’s government telling them to reject the deal and wait for better terms under a future Nixon administration. South Vietnam held out, Nixon was elected by a narrow margin, and the Vietnam war ground on for four more years. After Nixon scuttled peace in Vietnam in 1968, LBJ called him “treasonous” and then—like Obama—stayed silent to avoid partisan accusations.

A New Zealand firm trials a four-day workweek, with no reduction in pay, and experiences no loss in productivity.

Rarely seen, high-resolution outtakes from the 1969 moon landing.

There are now six movies and one documentary in development about the Thailand cave rescue.

When somebody's obituary appears in the New York Times, FOIA the Dead sends an automated request to the FBI.

Still divided on the Anthropocene, geologists revolt over adding another era—the Meghalayan—to the Holocene.

A new concept for a funeral center celebrates the deceased's life, and focuses on transitional spaces.

My cousin Chioma, a doctor in Lagos, told me that she feels anguished when she watches movies about slavery. “I cry and cry and ask God to forgive our ancestors,” she said. Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, “My Great-Grandfather, the Nigerian Slave-Trader”

"Self-made billionaire" Kylie Jenner and $25/hour Money Diarist articles reveal a system that's shafted millennials.

Related: Pat McGrath's cosmetics company is now valued at more than $1 billion, and in fact she is a self-made billionaire.

An incredible comparison of the skin color ranges covered by different makeup foundation brands, US and global.

But I share this narrative; it lives inside me. It’s one that the research backs and one that helps explain why, by all accounts, I was an exuberant and extroverted kid before and have since become neurotic and anxious, distant from my parents. Angela Chen on personal narratives, and how at two, hers was changed by a years-long separation from her parents.

Video: An illustrated underwater journey, inspired by classic Italian design.

Stills from Tyrell Spencer's Cidades Fantasmas, a film about abandoned South American towns.

Twice last week, boxes of tortilla chips at a factory in Austin, Texas, spontaneously combusted.

An appreciation of neighborhood hardware stores.