Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Working as intended.

An FDA panel recommends those who received the J&J Covid vaccine should get a booster—essentially saying it requires two doses to be effective. / STAT

Data visualizations explain how, at companies where institutional sexism exists, fewer women reach executive levels. / The New York Times

The inequality of today's algorithms began with 19th-century railroad barons, whose libertarian streak beget the rise of Silicon Valley. / Fast Company

A right-wing venture capitalist says he's using the "innovative spirit" of Silicon Valley to flip school boards. / Motherboard

A Dallas-area school administrator told teachers that if they have a book about the Holocaust in their classrooms, they must also offer an "opposing" view. / The Dallas Morning News

Toppling statues doesn't always kill them. Many still manage to find their way into storage, for who knows what purpose. / Hyperallergic

Missouri's governor wants to prosecute a journalist who discovered a state web app exposed educators' Social Security numbers. / Motherboard

A research exercise finds nuking an incoming asteroid early enough could prevent "99% or more" of the debris from hitting Earth. / Gizmodo

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The rectangular panels you see on almost all new constructions are there to conceal an air gap that protects the structure from decay. / The Morning News

"Goodness knows when my house will be built. I don't." Letters detail the time Edith Carlson fired Frank Lloyd Wright. / The MIT Press Reader

A single film prop with two tubes and flashing lights has been used in countless sci-fi movies and shows. / The Morning News

The fascinating story of how a scrapped Boeing 720 flew (barely) from San Diego to India, where it sat on a runway for 24 years. / Jalopnik

More scrap: A bass synthesizer built from recycled scrap wood and everyday objects sculpted from trash and other discarded items. / Laughing Squid, The Guardian

"We love to tell ourselves these stories about who we are and aren't." Everyone knows generational labels are bullshit. / The Atlantic

A one-hour loop of Vince Guaraldi's "Little Birdie" from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. / YouTube

Liminal photos of ice castles, by Frankie Carino. / Booooooom