Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Y’all the young dudes.

Akin to a Starr Report, here is a synthesized narrative of the Ukraine affair based on what we know so far.

"Effective disinformation is embedded in an account you agree with." How Russian trolls are breaching America's political divide in 2019.

Ohio's state legislature introduces a bill requiring doctors to reimplant ectopic pregnancies—which is medically impossible—or face murder charges.

In a sting operation, ICE created a fake university in Detroit, enticed foreign-born students to attend, and arrested around 250—many of whom have now been deported.

Massachusetts State Police are testing Boston Dynamics' dog-like robots in the field, though it's unclear how they're being used.

"You guys" is over, making "y'all" English's best shot at a second-person plural pronoun.

Zelda Perkins, a producer on the stage version of Lazarus, on what it was like bringing one of David Bowie’s final visions to life.

Over the past year, Underworld released a new song and video nearly every week.

Why lo-fi beats make for good productivity music.

"The challenge for scholars attempting to rewrite Thanksgiving is the challenge of confronting an ideology that has long since metastasized into popular history."

An investigation finds Amazon facilities' rate of serious injuries is more than double the national warehousing average.

Before the final death knell of the retail apocalypse, an appreciation of Manhattan's store windows.

See also: Photos of the retail apocalypse, by Jesse Rieser.

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Mark Zuckerberg failed his 2019 personal challenge to hold "public discussions about the future of technology in society."

With news that Twitter will start removing inactive accounts in December, a new project seeks to preserve tweets from deceased loved ones.

How Texas Instruments constructed a decades-long monopoly on high school math with unaffordable graphing calculators.

Before the internet, teletext revolutionized communication, spawning entertainment tropes and pixel art.

Why deforestation spreads infectious disease in humans: Losing trees means we lose an extra barrier of protection from nature.

Paper sculptures inspired by microorganisms, by Rogan Brown.

“Nine human species walked the Earth 300,000 years ago. Now there is just one.” How Homo sapiens may have perpetrated the sixth mass extinction.

It took 50 years for Dorothy Seymour Mills, who died at 91, to get credit for coauthoring an essential baseball history series.

"The Heartbeats of Memory," a very beautiful, very short film shot in Japan on Super 8.

Photos of Hawaii's beauty with all the human-made structures edited out, by Leah Schretenthaler.