Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: You are the boss of today.

Across North America, prisoners are striking over treatment and forced labor that amounts to modern slavery.

Since 2010, at least 404 people with mental illness have died in US jails—which are now "default treatment centers."

The US Dept. of Education is considering exploiting federal student health and wellness grants to arm teachers.

A new voice chat app connects freelancers to act as each other's bosses.

Florida's Dept. of Environmental Protection stopped opening new cases. Now it has a red tide to show for it.

A map of Earth's particulates on Aug. 23, 2018, shows the effects of hurricanes, wildfires, and Saharan dust.

Trump might try to do what he and other Republican presidents have done when appointing Supreme Court justices on the matter of Roe v. Wade: Find someone who has been pre-vetted, so the president doesn’t even have to ask the question and the nominee can say the two never discussed it. How Trump could go about selecting a confirmable Sessions replacement willing to obstruct justice.

Reality Winner has been sentenced to 63 months in prison for leaking NSA documents on Russia's election hacking.

Contrary to reports, teens didn't hack into actual election site replicas; the sites were designed to be vulnerable.

Attackers could find out what's on your monitor by detecting the ultrasonic sounds emitted by your screen.

RIP "Chicha," who led the Argentine grandmothers' movement to locate babies kidnapped during the 1970s junta.

Arkansas qualifies Medicaid on reporting your work hours online—but many recipients lack consistent web connections.

A new study debunks previous claims, concluding that "any amount of alcohol" poses health risks.

To sow division, Russian trolls spread pro- and anti-vaccine disinformation, identified as a "wedge issue."

Social media has ruined the internet—and our brains—by treating the mundane and the urgent as the same.

It’s easy to mistake the proximate cause—big, shadowy tech firms—for the ultimate one: over half a century of business-intelligence techniques that have been honed, productized, and weaponized out of sight. It may feel like the internet has decimated your privacy, but that was the goal of corporations all along.

A study of wastewater in western Kentucky finds people ingest more drugs at the holidays.

Interstate 95 in the US, begun in 1956, is about to be completed.

Low water levels in the Czech Republic reveal historical "hunger stones" inscribed during droughts.

Sculpture installations that exist above and below the water, by Jason deCaires Taylor.

A brief, fascinating history of superhero codpieces in comics and movies.

Pleasantly barren photos of underground facilities, by Grego Sailer.