Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: You are what you bleat

Iran, Russia, and China are mounting anti-Israel disinformation campaigns that are "larger than anything seen before." / The New York Times [+]

Retail workers and thieves explain what's going on with all the shoplifting, a problem the businesses don't seem to care about enough to try and stop. / Vox

"An idea this recurrent can unfortunately not be dismissed." A takedown of the many ridiculous proposals for America to invade Mexico. / Foreign Policy

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's latest political stunt is a stretch of razor wire along the Texas-New Mexico border. / Texas Monthly

Reacting to YouTube's crackdown on ad blocking, people are uninstalling popular blockers in droves—and installing alternatives that fly under Google's radar. / Engadget, Android Authority

After two years stranded on a remote Scottish beach under a cliff, Britain's "loneliest sheep" has been rescued. / The Guardian

"Babelification is the process by which, after splintering, insular digital groups develop unique languages which makes reintegration in shared digital spaces difficult." / Folklore

Yesterday at Kottke, the writers/editors of Snarkmarket celebrated their site's 20th anniversary in a series of posts. /  Kottke

A study identifies the mechanism that lets sunflowers know how to turn their faces toward the sun. / UC Davis

Letterpress art of birds rendered using Lego bricks instead of lead type, by Roy Scholten. / Colossal

Replete with a bathroom tiled in real human teeth, the Southern Gothic Dollhouse by Lauren Banks is all kinds of eerie. / Atlas Obscura

Following up on yesterday's news about Doctor Who's anniversary, watch a random episode from the show's 60-year history. / Ed Jefferson