Headlines Edition Here!

Saturday headlines: You’re now entering Act III.

The shutdown is now our government’s longest. Around 800,000 federal employees missed their first paycheck.

About 40 percent of Americans have said in surveys that they can't handle a surprise $400 expense.

Trump's national emergency gambit, "a new obvious face-saving off-ramp for the president," is everyone in DC's second-best option.

Pelosi and Schumer, facing Trump’s Tuesday speech, too often relied on alliteration over substance.

From Andrew Sullivan: “Welcome to Act III of the Trump Tragedy.”

"In one of his most curious contradictions, Pompeo pledged that the United States 'will not retreat until the terror fight is over.'"

A study claiming to explain why falsehoods go viral—findings that were widely covered by the media—has turned out to be false.

Human beings are irrational, algorithms are not. Guess who’s in charge? (Hint: It’s not your Instagram husband.)

"Then there’s the problem of conscience." A recent history of political assassination.

Fifty things turning 50 this year.

An oldie but a goodie: "We need to rewrite the stories we tell about nature and Los Angeles is the best place to do it."

About 95% of the Earth's land surface has some indication of human modification.

Last year was the warmest year on record for the Earth's oceans, “beating the second-place year (2017) by a comfortable margin.”

History teachers often focus more on the European conquest of Africa rather than African resistance. A map to reverse that.

A quick look at the histories of cholera, city design, and colonialism suggests that microbes have political properties.

The D'Angels Motorcycle Club, Nigeria's first all-female bikers club, spreads health information about cancer prevention.

Video: When rescue pilots appear to be insane.

Accompanying the recent rise of marijuana: an increase of schizophrenia in otherwise stable middle-class professionals.

In pictures: It's been snowing in the Arizona desert.