Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: “You’ve got to get out.”

After making landfall in Cuba last night and slowing on its way to Florida, Hurricane Irma is back to a Category 5, and its outer bands are now reaching Miami-Dade County.

Highway, airline, and marine maps show the sheer scale of Florida's mass evacuation—the largest ever in US history.

How you can help the victims of Hurricane Irma, and what to watch out for. Also: Why you “shouldn't reflexively send $10 to the Red Cross."

This time-lapse shows Irma's evolution across the Atlantic over the past week, from a Category 2 off the coast of Africa to a Category 5 in the Caribbean.

Six Trump-owned or -branded properties in south Florida, including Mar-a-Lago, are in the path of Irma.

Staff at the Hemingway home in Key West are staying behind to care for the descendants of the author's six-toed cats.

How to make your phone battery last for days when the power goes out, but don't try that 9V battery hack—you could lose charge or blow up your phone.

Deferring to public outrage, Equifax reverses course, and won't require hack victims who sign up for credit monitoring to sign away their right to sue.

Equifax's website to check whether your data was breached is running low-grade security, and isn't even registered to Equifax.

Right now, tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims are fleeing Myanmar, and their stories are shocking.

Attention, British Airways magazine: Lupita Nyong’o is from Mexico City, not Wakanda, which isn't even a real place.

Luxury charters are 10% of US flights, but they pay less than 1% of the taxes that support air traffic control.

In case you need a metaphor for America's summer of 2017: Kristi McCluer's picture of golfers in Oregon.

Seeking stability, e-sports league owners—not players—initiate a push for unionization.

“There is nothing—NOTHING—more important for American unions to do right now than to unionize Amazon warehouse workers.” Unions are seemingly doing nothing to target the battleground of 21st-century labor: the warehouse.

Illinois gubernatorial race loses its leftmost flank, a candidate for vice-governor pushed out over Palestine.

“Mr. Abe provides him with a world leader who reaffirms Trump’s own leadership." Trump and Abe: phone buddies.

New York City will offer free lunch to all public school students, up from 30 percent two years ago.

LGBT groups say the AI facial analysis that can identify people's sexuality could be used to target and harm queer people.

“I learned interview skills to complement my face’s natural tendencies: how to use silence, how and when to ask the right questions, how to detect and subvert deception, how to memorize entire conversations without taking notes, how to follow rumors until they turned to fact, and most of all, how to get people to trust me.” Memoir of a detective tasked with investigating a college football program accused of gang rape.

During the Victorian era, celery was so fashionable that it required fancy serving jars. The period's avocado toast?

Designer Ryan Mario Yasin wins an award for making children’s clothes with permanent, expandable pleats. One item of clothing can fit the same kid from six to 36 months.

“The fashion look created by the patricians of America for themselves, and now copied by the hoi polloi, is sustainable only when one is contributing to their own economic and political destruction.” What it means when all preppy clothing is produced overseas.

The artist JR created a 70-foot child overlooking the US-Mexico border. It's only viewable from the States.

At pun competitions, the bar between the high- and low-brow keeps rising.

Analysis of the rise and influence of the foppish "McSweeney’s-ish" aesthetic on American graphic design.

Some fake merit badges for actual outdoors-y achievements.