Headlines edition

Saturdy headlines: Let’s soul.

President Trump issued an executive order to end his policy of separating families, but the government still has no plan for returning the children it has already taken.

The Guardian printed the names of 34,361 refugees who died trying to make the journey to Europe.

Traveling across the Sahara, recently “a vast frontier zone,” is basically now illegal.

Peace talks over South Sudan—to resolve the five-year civil war that killed tens of thousands—are not going well.

What the Rwandan genocide can teach us about today’s political moment.

The White House wants to merge the Department of Education with the Department of Labor—basically to eliminate the Education department.

After the US had its warmest May on record, meteorologists coordinated their outfits to raise awareness.

Some say Elon Musk's late-night tweet storms suggest a billionaire cracking up. Ex-employees say it's nothing new.

“Mesh governance” is the kind of non-hierarchical government system that may emerge for our new decentralized “networld.”

Your weekend think: The question isn't “Could AI have a soul?” It's “Could AI ever soul like we do?”

“By the way, it was not $3 million to shoot Hunter into the fucking sky,” says Depp. “It was $5 million.” A long, detailed, at times beguiling look into the current trials and financial struggles of Johnny Depp.

Remembering California's "extraordinary calm" first black widow killer, "The Trunk Murderess."

Psychologists find that audiobooks stir people more deeply than movies or television.

In case you were wondering where mathematical typography comes from.

On Craigslist, I wasn’t alone. I found a community craving the same thing I did: a connection. Something real. Before it shut down, Craigslist personals gave us an intimate look “at humanity in extremis.”

A new piece of software uses wifi signals to track humans' movements, breathing, and heartbeats through walls.

A brief history of the Speak & Spell, "one of the earliest examples of a full-fledged portable gaming machine."

See also: a history of modern capitalism from the perspective of a plastic straw.