Little Magazines

Small But Persistent

Glimmertrain's new short fiction and news of imperiled writers around the globe.

Book Cover Visitors to this (so to speak) space are aware of my fondness for periodical literature and “small” magazines in particular. One I pay attention to is Glimmertrain, a literary quarterly out of Oregon published by two sweet sisters, Linda and Susan.

Most of these magazines are similar in content, being the spawning grounds for unknown talent and a place for new works by name writers, and usually there is at least one distinguishing feature. In Glimmertrain’s case, Silenced Voices brings attention to writers imperiled by the repressive policies of their homelands.

This month (#73, Winter 2010), Sara Whyatt (who follows these matters for International PEN) shines the light of reason on Cuba’s ongoing human rights violations and abuse of over 200 political prisoners, among them the poet, journalist, librarian Ricardo Gonzalez Alfonso.

You’ll want to do the right thing, yes? Need I say more?
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