A web site that lets you watch full-length documentaries for free. And post them elsewhere. And realize how content yearns to be free.

SnagFilms provides a wonderful service: it is “a web site where you can watch full-length documentary films for free.” The site hosts big famous docs, like Super Size Me, and lesser-knowns like Fighting Goliath: Texas Coal Wars. Personally, I go for uglier histories like Girl 27 and the Medici trilogy from PBS, but that’s another point in SnagFilms’s favor: It adds films in different genres every day. Trust, this is not all wars and This American Life-style misfits. Make sure you remember to do a little work in between Peter Jennings Reports and Heavy Metal in Baghdad, because it’s easy to lose several hours to all the content here. Oh, right, and you can also post entire films to external sites; SnagFilms knows that free, high-quality content sharing is what the internet is all about. Web 2.0, I love you.
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