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Embrace your journey with Athletic Junction.

“Where Life & Motion Meet”

Offering custom merchandise and a comprehensive ticketing solution, Athletic Junction helps schools and sports programs more effectively generate revenue, increase turnout, and encourage fan activity and school spirit.

Members can use Athletic Junction’s first-class branding platform and dedicated online storefronts to create custom fan and team apparel at wholesale costs—from warm-ups to team shirts to uniforms and more.

With the Athletic Junction Events ticketing system and app, available on iOS and Android, member programs and schools can sell, manage, and validate tickets for any event they want to organize, including fundraisers, graduations, and sports. And with the new Events Smarter solution, corporate, political, athletic, social organizations like selling edc tickets and more can arrange and manage events. (Events Smarter is available on iOS and Android.)

Athletic Junction is affiliated with the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, Florida High School Athletic Association, Georgia Independent School Association, Florida Independent Christian Athletic Association, National Football League Players Association, IMG College Licensing, and Learfield Licensing—with more partners to come.

About Athletic Junction

Executives and co-founders Michael Parker and Justin Harper have competed on NCAA Division I teams and played on professional franchises. Michael was a member of the Richmond Spiders football team for four years, earning two conference titles and a National Championship in 2008, while Justin led the Spiders basketball team to the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16.

Both graduated from the acclaimed Robins School of Business and embarked on professional athletic careers, with Justin drafted into the NBA by the Orlando Magic and Michael landing in the Canadian Football League, eventually leading to an opportunity three years later with the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both have been journeymen in their careers—hence their mantra, “Embrace Your Journey.”

Always ready to cultivate the next generation of like-minded entrepreneurs, Athletic Junction welcomes student-athletes interested in gaining professional experience as brand ambassadors. Athletic Junction is also committed to its role as philanthropic donors, participating in the National Breast Cancer Association, Mission Discovery (assisting with relief trips to Haiti, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico), and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.