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Stranger in a Strange House

I want to tell you, dear strangers, why I’m here and what I encountered.

The three-winged pigeon. My cynical doppelganger. The loneliness and marvels and confusions of the house. And most importantly the ghost living in my bedroom.

She was everything I’d hoped to find, but she was secretive and lost in her sad, hopeless limbo. I helped her with experiments, rituals, and spells until I realized if they worked—if we succeeded—I would lose her.

Ghostlove, a serial podcast, is an otherworldly story featuring music by Chromatics (Twin Peaks: The Return).


Occultist William Rook narrates his remarkable season in a haunted brownstone in Upstate New York. Co-producers Samuel Buti (Nevertheless Media) and Dennis Mahoney (The Equinox Society, and author of Macmillan’s Fellow Mortals and Bell Weather) were eager to bring Mr. Rook’s bizarre experiences to a sympathetic listenership.

“We didn’t know what to make of his story, so we helped him make a podcast,” says Mahoney. “The radio-serial style felt perfect for a man, alone in his house, talking to strangers at night.”

Ghostlove is available now on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, YouTube, and SoundCloud. New episodes air every other Friday until Halloween.