Headlines Edition

Sunday Headlines: Keep the czar—far away from us.

Please note: We chose to delay yesterday's Headlines until today, now that it appears the news regarding Trump's condition has slowed a bit.

Trump’s medical team says the president has had two concerning drops in oxygen levels, but may be discharged from Walter Reed as early as tomorrow. / CNN

In yesterday’s press conference, Trump's doctors were evasive about his condition, though Mark Meadows did confirm Trump had received supplemental oxygen. / Associated Press

Trump could have avoided the coronavirus, but that would have required admitting that he is like other people. / Defector

A timeline of Trump's movements prior to testing positive for Covid—he's interacted with thousands of supporters in the past week. / The Washington Post

The Sept. 26 White House gathering where Trump introduced Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court pick was a likely superspreader event. / BuzzFeed News

Related: Attendees who have tested positive so far, and where they have been since the event. / Vox, The Washington Post

"The fact that you’re outdoors is not like you have some magical powers." Medical experts weigh in on the White House gathering, where attendees were seen maskless and hugging. / STAT

After a third senator tests positive for the coronavirus, McConnell delays the Senate's return, but says he has no intention of slowing down the Barrett confirmation vote. / The New York Times

"Will public sympathy lead to a bounce in the polls?" Questions on the political ramifications of Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis. / The Washington Post

The Supreme Court will review Republicans' bid to reinstate Arizona voting restrictions that a lower court ruled were racially biased. / The Hill

The Russian group accused of 2016 US election meddling has been posing as a news outlet, targeting right-wing social media users. / Reuters

Related: Sen. Chris Murphy's thread on "the massive coverup campaign underway to disguise the octopus-like Russian election interference operation being run on Trump's behalf." / Twitter

Voters and voting rights groups are suing Texas Gov. Abbott over his order to close all but one absentee ballot drop-off location per county. / Texas Tribune

See also: "Greg Abbott’s voter suppression methods have become more subtle—but they’re still transparent." / Texas Monthly

Top aides for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton have asked federal authorities to investigate him for bribery and abuse of office. / Austin American-Statesman

A White House commission proposed allowing cops accused of wrongdoing to view body camera footage before talking to investigators. / Reuters

Training manuals show how LAPD taught officers to use Palantir for data capture—including anecdotal information and hunches. / BuzzFeed News

Planning records for George Floyd's funeral show sniper teams on rooftops were authorized to use deadly force if conflicts arose. / VICE

"Google Maps' reviewing system has provided a platform for Nazi sympathizers and antisemitic harassment for years." / Boing Boing

Climate denial is nearly dead, but bad climate policy may be just as bad. / Earther

From 2019, Nicola Twilley covers the new approaches needed to control the American West’s worsening megafires. / The New Yorker

A breakthrough "super enzyme" breaks down plastic six times faster, scales better, and costs less than current methods. / VICE

“I still work from home. I still wash hands. I still do all the stuff that I hope everyone else is doing.” Interviews with patients who participated in a COVID-19 vaccine trial. / Elemental

Unemployed Redditors are helping one another deal with frustrating benefits processes—and despair. / The Cut

Refusing to push a political message, food banks are removing letters from Trump that were added to food assistance boxes. / The Washington Post

"We only make money if the artist makes a whole lot more." Bandcamp is the best. Spotify is the worst. This is the truth. / Los Angeles Times

Debt strikes, workers buying their company, and other collective actions that can be taken with a well-designed website. / Current Affairs

For the first time in Singapore's independent history, a leader of the opposition has officially been named. / The Ballot

On the overwhelming lack of representation for designers and communities of color in fashion museums. / The New York Times

"Many deaf people consider themselves as part of a community with a strong identity and language." On the ethics of ending deafness. / Future Human

An Irish court rules that Subway bread must be classified as confectionery, not bread, due to its high sugar content. / The Guardian

More and more TV shows are including pandemic-related stories. Grey's Anatomy will put it front and center. / Variety

Watch: The Hood Internet is back with its series of mixing an entire year of music into a single track. This time: 1990. / The Morning News