Headlines Edition

Sunday Headlines: The bitterest pill.

Twelve legal experts on whether Trump obstructed justice, in light of Cohen's claims the president knew about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting: If true, it's likely obstruction.

The GOP tax cuts have lowered corporate taxes so much, and so quickly, that the federal budget deficit is skyrocketing as a result.

Emotional reunification photos of families detained at the US-Mexico border.

North Korea returns 55 sets of what are the purported remains of US servicemen killed in the Korean War.

A cartoon history of the Trump family, which has been plundering for three generations.

As the epicenter of US innovation, Silicon Valley is, unsurprisingly, also a hotbed of international espionage.

To fight big pharma's price gouges, a DIY collective is producing lifesaving drugs at a fraction of the cost.

In a survey of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, 52% lean right in their political ideologies; 3% identify as nihilists.

She doesn't want to let go. Researchers observe a mother orca buoying her calf for at least three days after it died.

Only 13% of Earth's oceans are still wilderness, remaining free of human impact.

The monkey’s full name? Erythrocebus patas. / It enjoys, at the moment, an unthreatened status. / It lives across Africa, in the savannas / And eats bugs and tubers (not so much bananas). Dr. Seuss’s Lorax may have been based on the patas monkey—which is fun to read about in Seussian verse.

A Japanese spacecraft takes a stunning photo of the asteroid Ryugu, from just 3.72 miles away.

The story of Mark Hogancamp, who invented the miniature, World War II-era town of Marwencol during his recovery from an assault that left him in a coma, will soon become a movie with Steve Carell. See our 2011 gallery and interview with Jeff Malmberg, who directed a documentary about Hogancamp and Marwencol.

How the writer and literary social figure known—among other pseudonyms—as Anna March grifted literary communities.

By the time I arrived at the scene where empty airplane bottles line the rim of the motel bath tub, I had quit trying to make sense of the inconsistency. Let’s all agree: It just looked cool. Sarah Hepola, author of Blackout, on the depiction of alcoholism in Sharp Objects.

On those who've long fashioned their hair after "modfather" Paul Weller, who now has his first new hairstyle in decades.