Letters From the Editor

Sure Shot

My in-laws’ relationship with basketball has been touched on before, but when the future father-in-law sinks 8 free throws in 30 seconds during a halftime contest at a recent U.N.C game, beating out the competition for the $100 prize, you can be damn sure I’ll post the photograph. (Note: He is on the left, holding the ball. The bald man to his right is apparently the U.N.C ball-boy.)

A Very Nice Shot

Congratulations Mike. I now accede: your free-throw is better than mine. But don’t think that wussy three-point shot is anything to brag about; better stick to medicine.

For those readers who are not in my family, my fiancée’s family, or the U.N.C medical school, here are a few good things you’ve probably heard about but could due to be reminded of:

Big Lazy, any vacation supplied by your parents, Things Magazine, Jeffrey Steingarten speaking at NYU on February 26th, remembering the great steaks, plushy hip-hop, Melissa Bank and Todd Hanson (among others) reading at Galapagos tonight, spring in mid-winter, Apple’s remarkably generous support program, Thomas Friedman, Helen DeWitt, and things that freak our shit out.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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