Kristen Elsby

Sydney: Carmen Rupe

Sydney, Australia

Name: Carmen Rupe

Time of birth: 1936

Occupation title(s), both real and desired-in-another-lifetime? Entertainer and former Les Girls performer

How would you describe your look? Unusual, different, fabulous

What do people think when they see you on the street? While many people stare, others often come up to me and say “you look lovely” or “you always look beautiful”

Who are some of your heroes? Frida Kahlo, Mother Teresa, Sophia Loren

What makes you laugh? Just funny little things I hear, read in the paper or see on TV

Fill in the blank: "Most of the people I see around town look ______ ": Straight or square, but I love when they look unusual or colourful!

Five words that sound great: Love, kindness, prayer, helpfulness, glamour

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