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The Battle Over Shiloh

I would like very much to see an article on the hospital auxiliary thrift store. We have some very interesting history there. It was founded in 1952. The original building is on the Shilo Museum property. This year alone the volunteers have put in over 3,500 hours of volunteer work. For the fiscal year we have already gave back to the community almost $36,000. A lot of people don’t even realize that we have a thrift store on Park Street and they don’t realize that the money doesn’t go to the hospital like it did many years ago but now goes to the community fund and a lot of other charities, like ‘shop with a cop,’ etc. I could get a full list if that would help out. The Shiloh Museum has many articles on the thrift store and your paper has a lot in its records. Here are a few fun facts about some of the current volunteers that help there: One man is over 90 years old. His name is Carl M----. One lady even drove a Hummer in WWII; her name is Neva W----. I would very much like to see some of our volunteers spotlighted and the thrift store itself. If you have any questions or if I can help in any way, please contact me. My name is Pam B----, thrift store spokesperson. Or you can call the hospital and talk to Lisa T----. She is in charge of the hospital auxiliary volunteer program. Thank you for your time.


Pam: The hospital auxiliary thrift store on Park Street, you say? You must have us confused with someone else, we say. Maybe you’re looking for The [Shilo? Shiloh?] Morning News? We hope you’ve figured out the difference, because a story about 3,500 volunteer hours and ‘shop with a cop’ might be just up their alley. Give our love to Carl and Neva.
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