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The Drop Edge of Yonder

Book Digest Small-press newcomer Two Dollar Radio offers up Rudolph Wurlitzer’s fifth novel, reportedly the author’s transmogrification of a screenplay of a modern-day western entitled Zebulon. The commentary on Wurlitzer’s first novel in more than 20 years finds critics falling all over themselves to commend this work. As in Eric Davis’s tribute:
The Drop Edge of Yonder…may be the most hallucinogenic western you’ll ever catch in the movie house of your mind’s eye…What results is a genre farce with oracular power—a Queen of Hearts sutra, a court jester’s Blood Meridian…Over and above its loving and wicked send-up of frontier lore, Drop Edge invites us to reframe its fictions, like all fictions, perhaps, as our own Technicolor flashbacks from the dusty arroyo at the end of the line.
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