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The Geeks Were Right

“I like the Faint.” That was my introduction to the Nebraskan New Wave five-piece, a four-word description on a friend’s Amazon wish list years ago. I don’t know if she still does, but after hearing 2001’s phenomenal Danse Macabre, I was hooked. Not only is their music full of energy and the kind of jagged, electronic layering I love, but their lyrics almost always feature a social awareness and self-reflexivity often absent from dance music. Their new album, Fasciinatiion, is coming out on their own blank.wav label on Aug. 5. The first single is “The Geeks Were Right,” and although the title alone might vindicate some of my closest friends, the lyrics lean more to Luddite. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. John Connor knows what I’m talking about.

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