TMN Weekender

The Great Migration

TMN writers on how we come and go.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks on the transit beat. A shark turned up on the N train. A ride on the Q inspired an an epic Craigslist “Missed Connection.” Workers in London discovered 400 skeletons in a 17th-century mass grave under Liverpool Street Station—not the only archeological site uncovered during the construction of a new train line. And late last month a woman gave birth, poetically but no doubt much to her chagrin, at the L’Enfant Plaza stop on the DC Metro.

This week, five stories about how we commute, ready to read here on TMN or in an e-book you can export to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, etc.


TMN Editor Liz Entman (they/them) has lived in St. Louis, New York, and Nashville. She sweats the small stuff, like hyphens and commas, and has a day job, but won’t bore you with the details. More by Liz Entman