The Most Tweetable Sentences of 2012

We’ve known Paul Ford for a long time. In fact, he was one of the five or so writers we asked to join The Morning News back when we started publishing the magazine in 2000. So who better, when it came time to assess our favorite stories of the year, to call up for duty?

We asked Paul to choose his favorite articles published on TMN in 2012. We had a pretty good year, we like to think: Many stories we loved, many reprints and nods elsewhere, citations in “Best American Essays,” finalist at the Online Journalism Awards… But now you can tell we’ve gotten into the eggnog. Anyway. Paul wrote back and sent us a list he billed “The 10 Most Tweetable Sentences of the Year.” And we thought that was a wonderful idea.

So, without further ado, our most tweetable sentences of the year, all linked up for your easy tweeting.

“Interstellar Hard Drive” by Giles Turnbull

Data is only as safe as the planet it sits on.

Aga Ousseinov, Brave Old World, 2009. Courtesy the artist and Christopher Henry Gallery.

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“Nobody Says I Love You Anymore” by Sarah Hepola

Is it strange to anyone else that a woman on the hike and bike trail is wearing a mink vest?

Gwendolyn Zabicki, Billboards, 2011. Courtesy the artist and Roberts Bills Contemporary.

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“Big Blue Nights” by Becky Hayes

He said he’d seen me around; he said he wanted to impregnate me and take me back to Puerto Rico. I was 23.

Amanda Burnham, Grid Paln, 2011. Courtesy of Dorsch Gallery.

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“The Wolf is Waiting” by Gila Lyons

“I found the injury,” Frank yelled triumphantly. “My patient was trampled by giraffes and broke her ribs.”

Manjari Sharma, Untitled from Anastasia Series, 2011. Courtesy the artist and Richard Levy Gallery.

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“Twilight on the Tundra” by Julia Phillips

Outside sounded only like what it was—120 worn-out dogs. The closest one called out, aaaoooouuu.

Credit: Roman Valerevich

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“Our French Connection” by Rosecrans Baldwin

No French person has ever walked anywhere with a coffee.

Daniel Zender for The Morning News

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“The Heretic” by Tim Doody

Francis Crick confessed that he was tripping the first time he envisioned the double helix.

Credit: Jonathan Castro

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“Hammer of the Dads” by Jonathan Bell

At the age of nearly 40, joining a band still feels like an indulgence, a childish, undignified pursuit.

Abel Baker Gutierrez, "Father," 2010. Courtesy of Luis De Jesus Los Angeles.

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“Entertainment for Women” by Jessica Francis Kane

“Did you tell the mothers in Ann Arbor and Berkeley that you’d worked at Playboy?”

Flora Whiteley, Four feet, 2008. Courtesy the artist and Vane.

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“Don’t Leave Me” by John Lingan

The award here must go to the young man who asks his sobbing mother, “Ready to go to IHOP?” Talk about a mission.

Daniel Zender for The Morning News

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