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The World According to Self

Self and Steadman are a pair that beat a full house.

Book Cover Will Self (The Butt), the author of six novels, four story collections, three books of novellas, and five works of nonfiction, is also well known for immoderate behavior fueled by overindulgence in various controlled and uncontrolled substances. Thus his second partnering with Ralph Steadman, the inimitable illustrator and Hunter Thompson collaborator, in Psycho Too (Bloomsbury) is a likely match.

This particular volume, comprised of 50 short pieces by Self and 25 color illustrations by Steadman, showcases Self in all his peripatetic glory, beginning with his longish piece “The World” about a mini-epic journey from the home of writer J.G. Ballard in England to a sinking archipelago of sand known as the United Arab Emirates and his stroll on the coast thereof, where vexed and distressed, he observes, “Personally, I think if you buy a house on a man-made 25-kilometer-square palm-shaped peninsula you’ve got the wrath of God coming to you.”

Since Self has replaced his former addictions with (a new addiction to) walking, most of the pieces comprising this anthology (from his “Psychogeography” column for The Independent newspaper) are about his numerous and variegated perambulations around the globe, from Istanbul to Los Angeles, East Yorkshire to Easter Island, and most notably the terrain within his fevered imagination.
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