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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: The worst two weeks for music ever recorded

Google cancelled an all-hands meant to address the controversial diversity memo, after employees voiced concerns they might be harassed online for asking questions during the meeting.

Long before CRISPR gives your descendants superhuman abilities, it could be used to edit pigs' DNA to grow human-ready replacement organs.

A group inside the MIT Media Lab has created a system called aeroMorph that folds materials into origami shapes when inflated.

Maps depict the expanding reach of North Korea's ballistic missile program.

A two-week span in 1997—June 23 to July 8, specifically—was possibly the worst two weeks for music ever recorded. But the Tindersticks’ Curtains, Primal Scream’s Vanishing Point, really?

Op-ed: On labor issues, the left often looks for free lunches: policies with all winners, no losers, and no costs.

“In a faster-moving world, a world that encourages less quiet and more vanity, there are new challenges to raising kids. Probably the kids are fine; it’s the parents who are having the nervous breakdowns.” A long-winded but interesting chat with Judd Apatow on his return to stand-up, contemporary parenting, and self-help books. "As a writer, I like to know what the wrong instinct is—that’s where the comedy is."

West Virginia governor's plan to pay power plants to burn coal sounds nuts, but Perry and Pruitt might agree.

The world's shortest scheduled flight, between two Scottish islands, takes 90 seconds.

“What Silicon Valley probably needs right now more than either workplace anti-microaggression training or an alt-right underground is a basic friendliness to family, pregnancy, and child rearing.” Ross Douthat on the notion that "Silicon Valley might benefit from having a more female-friendly culture because of the differences between men and women, not because those differences are all somehow a misogynist invention."

Mob rule, blacklists, reigning, lots of triggering: the toxic, closed Twitter world of young adult publishing.

Racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic slurs appear outside Twitter’s headquarters in Hamburg, Germany—actual tweets painted there by an Israeli-German satirist who had previously reported them to Twitter as hate speech, but got little in reply.

A Chinese warrior god in Indonesia, recently installed, gets covered up after locals threaten to pull him down.

Your weekend white paper: the better-ranked a physician's medical school, the fewer opioid prescriptions written.

Bill Murray went to see Groundhog Day, the musical. Again.