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They Did Bang, Actually

I would recommend that you leave old news on the site on a link because many students have to do reports on things like that and it is very difficult to find anything worthwhile on any site. Your site would profit greatly should you do so.


Ivyprincess: We archive all of our ‘headline’ links for easy access by date, e.g., today (on the front page, the link is the date at the top of the Headlines column). You can also try using our archive search to find something specific, if you remember the wording in the original link.

But let’s get real, Ivyprincess. We’re not strictly a news site, and we choose our links for lots of reasons, not always because of their news value. (That link about whether Jack Kerouac and Gore Vidal had sex is a prime example: News? No. Value? Decidedly.) If you’re working on something particular for a school report or just doing research for your own edification, we recommend that once you’re finished procrastinating with our many enjoyable articles, you look elsewhere; we like Google News [for fact-checking].
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