Letters From the Editor

Thou Shalt Fete With Us This Spring

The past couple years we’ve had a party in the fall to celebrate TMN’s anniversary. Big hits, bright lights, one and all. But this year, due to our upcoming relaunch (of the redesign—righteous, really) we have postponed the party for spring, when we can blow out some doors and it’s warm enough to drink on the sidewalk.

And have badass t-shirts featuring some specially drawn Danny Gregory illustrations of New York.

In the meantime, happy holidays from TMN. As is our annual tradition, we will be on vacation from 12/23-1/2. We wish you many great nights with friends and family. Me, I’ve had eggnog for breakfast every day for two weeks straight.

(Need a last-minute gift for a music-loving cousin? Trust Sasha—the most recent Keren Ann is fantastic, as good as Feist, who’s worth the import tariffs until some American record company gets off its ass.)

xo, Rosecrans


Rosecrans Baldwin co-founded TMN with publisher Andrew Womack in 1999. His latest book is Everything Now: Lessons From the City-State of Los Angeles. More information can be found at rosecransbaldwin.com. More by Rosecrans Baldwin

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