Democrats aren’t sick of voting yet, and neither are Republicans: Lessons learned from this week’s elections.

California may be the heart of the Trump resistance, but it's largely apathetic about voting in primaries.

Paul Ryan joins Trey Gowdy in dismissing Trump’s “spygate” conspiracy theory.

Our politics are national because our media is national. Local media just isn’t mobilizing voters like it used to.

Japan is where the future happens first—including an unrecognized, startling economic recovery.

Close neighbors of lottery winners in Canada tend to eventually declare bankruptcy.

MIT creates Norman, a psychopath artificial intelligence who suffers “from extended exposure to the darkest corners of Reddit.”

“Nazis don't need bathing fun.” A far-right politician gets his clothes stolen while swimming in a lake outside Berlin.

The alt-right discovers a harbor for white supremacy in Disqus, the online commenting system.

The US Army just developed the first quantitative tool for effective caffeine dosing.

A handful of useful habits to help you think more deeply about complex problems.

Kate Spade’s husband Andy releases a statement about his wife’s death.

It’s arrogant to assume that people outside of American culture have an understanding of the word. They have only heard it out of black mouths. An African-American writer grapples with Afro-Brazilians adopting the n-word.

Photographs show how the mail gets delivered in the Faroe Islands.

Mesmerizing pictures of ocean waves, by photographer Rachael Talibart.

Frenchman Ben Lecomte is swimming from Japan to San Francisco, through the Pacific Ocean's "plastic smog."

Fat Girls Hiking aims to show people that "all body types belong in the outdoors."

Thanks to a stringent screening process, it’s easier to get into Harvard or M.I.T. than be a stool donor.

If nothing else, the flat-Earth community has tapped into a form of mental perpetual motion: if you think it, it must be true. Solipsism is the new empiricism. In an age of falsehoods, believing in a flat Earth doesn’t require a tinfoil hat anymore.

“These are like slippers, man." Kevin Durant sheds one shoe approximately every eight games.

A different type of gardening contest: landscaping the back of a tiny Japanese pick-up truck called a kei-tora.

The first installment of the 2018 Rooster Summer Reading Challenge begins with guest novelist Laura van den Berg.