Headlines Edition, Y'all!

Thursday headlines: a blowtorch and a hair dryer.

New material shows Trump’s team offering yet another quid pro quo in Ukraine, as well as surveilling the US ambassador there.

Lessons from a former Obama speechwriter who recently conducted focus groups in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Miami.

What political reporters forget: Twitter stories and micro-scandals don't matter to voters who don't follow—or simply hate—the news.

Want to see how Trump broke the news media? Listen to NPR struggle to normalize his latest disjointed rants.

Seven reasons why gaming may take over Big Media.

The principal ministers of the Russian government resign to ease a constitutional overhaul proposed by Putin.

A database of deaths, regions, and migration flows finds there have been 89 migrant fatalities recorded worldwide so far in 2020.

An adult entertainment company defends giving tents (emblazoned with its logo) to homeless people in US cities.

A homeless man uses the "castle doctrine" to justify stabbing a college student who kicked his cardboard home.

Flying on a plane has gotten a lot cheaper in the US over the last five years.

Airlines promise to find the best carbon offsets, but a lot of their efforts "amount to little more than greenwashing."

In the climate crisis, smart cities may need to become more "lo-tek"—floating farms, urban forests, and parks that become lakes.

In New York, a union of bagel makers beat the Mafia, but ultimately lost out to a stainless-steel rotating oven.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio scorned for his favorite bagel pick (he likes it toasted).

How to make popcorn with a blowtorch and a hair dryer.

An engineering company introduces a dog-like cargobike that follows couriers around while they’re making deliveries.

Livers can currently only be stored for up to 24 hours before transplant. A new machine can keep them alive for seven days.

New sunglasses thwart some forms of 3D facial recognition through special lenses that block infrared lights.

Sex-ed students always ask about communication and relationships, but other questions change with the news.

Peggy Orenstein: Teenagers and young men still don’t have the right vocabulary for sex.

A man eats and ranks 664 tacos during six months of exploring Southern California.