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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: A confederacy of dunces.

A second wave of COVID-19 cases is occurring in parts of the US, as the confirmed total number of infections tops two million. But the White House remains silent on the coronavirus.

Though their coronavirus cases are still rising, India, Mexico, Russia, Iran, and Pakistan are ending lockdowns in order to restart their economies.

Trump’s campaign demands CNN retract and apologize for a poll showing him trailing Biden by a considerable margin.

Trump will hold his first rally since lockdown in Tulsa—on Juneteenth.

As Trump says he would "not even consider" renaming US military bases named after Confederate generals, Pelosi calls for the removal of Confederate statues from the Capitol.

NASCAR finally bans Confederate flags from its events, two days after its only black driver called for change.

In Georgia, Republicans today have the same problems Democrats had 20 years ago: complacency.

In two weeks, American voters’ support for Black Lives Matter increased almost as much as it had in the last two years.

Why many public health experts support the protests: The goal of the protests is to save lives.

A global map of the (as of yet) 2,858 cities or towns that have hosted Black Lives Matter protests since May 25th.

“America is undergoing a national reckoning over racism, forcing changes in the name of racial equality across the public and private sectors just as the #MeToo movement did in the name of gender equality.” A good roundup of some of the fallout after George Floyd’s murder.

Evidence suggests that struggles build upon one another and “are not just recycled events from the past.”

"By Way of Revolution," by interdisciplinary artist Helina Metaferia.

A (helpful) primer for the next time someone (in your family, maybe) asks you (angrily, probably) to explain "defund the police."

Since Ferguson, the Pentagon's "1033” program has given police departments hundreds of millions of dollars in military equipment.

Amazon announces it won't let police use its facial-recognition software—though only for one year, passing the buck to Congress to implement appropriate rules.

A philanthropy expert offers suggestions for people who want to support the highest-impact groups working on criminal justice.

On whether or not black mayors are adequately “future-proofing” their cities for black citizens.

Bookstores and libraries say they're seeing a surge in demand for antiracist literature.

Antiracist reading lists will fail some of the people who want them most—who are predisposed to read black art "zoologically."

Photographs from the lives of a family of island shepherds in a remote corner of Maine.

Test your awareness of the differences between black and white Americans' views on racism.

Former employees and customers confirm that Anthropologie tracks black shoppers in its stores with a codename ("Nick").

After rescheduling to October, Coachella has now cancelled its 2020 festival, as well as its Stagecoach festival, over concerns the coronavirus will worsen in the fall.

"It allows certain white people to use it against us." Music labels are reconsidering the use of "urban" as a genre for black artists.