Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: A kingdom on the moon.

All 22 female senators from both parties sign a letter protesting the Senate's inaction on sexual harassment.

American special forces are in more than twice as many countries as US ambassadors.

In case you missed it: Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens calls for the repeal of the Second Amendment.

Why the appointment of John Bolton does not necessarily mean that war is imminent… yet.

Why aren’t liberal states and cities able to pass the climate legislation they say they want?

No matter Washington's desire to grill Facebook publicly—Trump's obsessed with taking down Amazon and Bezos.

Atlanta's digital services have been held for ransom for several days. Jails and cops are using pen and paper.

The "racial mascoting" of Asian Americans by conservatives isn’t new, but it's reoccurring slightly differently.

Got VHS? Smithsonian begins crowdsourced digitization of home videos from African-American families.

Here's every piece of data about you that's owned by Facebook and Google.

This year alone, 800 storage facilities will come online in an America that's currently overflowing with stuff.

Designers explain how they name new models of ski jackets: no alliteration, no puns, no more than two syllables.

"Moon Kingdom" is a series of photographs of the Chilean and Bolivian altiplano's untouched landscapes.

An exhibition game between the Angels and Dodgers was cut short because of a sewage leak on the field.