Headlines, y'all

Thursday headlines: A not-so-quiet American

Peace talks between Ukraine and Russia appear to be progressing. Meanwhile, Russia bombs a theater. / The Associated Press

Dave Pell: "You gotta love the members who stood behind Trump when he blackmailed Zelensky on the topic of Ukraine defense weapons and who are standing for Zelensky and democracy today." / Next Draft

Zelensky's former TV satire Servant of the People returns to Netflix in the US. / Entertainment Weekly

Joe Biden calls Vladimir Putin a war criminal. / BBC News 

Regarding Brittney Griner: Imagine if Kevin Durant were being held in a Russian prison, "waiting months for a trial, in the middle of a war." / The Nation

Thomas R. Wells: What's actually going on is "the organization that rules Russia is challenging the sovereignty of the organization that rules Ukraine." / The Philosopher's Beard

A tally of outsiders spotted in Ukraine recently—BHL, Sean Penn, an ex-Facebook product manager who wants to be Graham Greene. / Read Max

An eighth journalist in Mexico is killed in 2022, making the country the most dangerous place on Earth for reporters. / VICE

Is America once more in denial about signs of a fresh Covid-19 wave? / The Guardian

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is reunited with her family after six years of detention in Iran. Her husband staged multiple hunger strikes. / The Guardian

After seven-plus years of war, Yemen is becoming what humanitarians refer to as a "chronic emergency." / Axios 

France may offer Corsica autonomy to pacify the island's independence movement. / Al Jazeera

The Smithsonian will repatriate to Nigeria most of its Benin bronzes—a decision expected to have widespread ramifications. / Artforum

Some lazy writing in Teen Vogue suggests a broader conclusion: the phrase "creator" is meaningless. / Gawker

A body of evidence suggests that opposites don't attract but repel, "particularly around views and values." / BBC Lovelife

Reviewing an archive of flyers and memorabilia from yesterday's raves. / Ssense