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Thursday Headlines: A podcast producer is crying right now.

More women say Roy Moore made unwanted overtures when they were young. He pulled one of them out of trigonometry class to ask her on a date.

Republicans who say they believe the women accusing Moore won't talk about the women who accuse Mr. Trump. (They just want Trump to make their troubles go away.) But they sure will talk about Bill Clinton, and understandably so.

Merkel and Macron lead the charge to make progress on climate issues, but with Germany reliant on coal, Europe’s ambitions seem mixed.

The world has far more farmland than previously thought: 4.62 billion acres that weren't mapped.

The fate of Zimbabwe remains unknown, with Mugabe under house arrest. Ideally the army won’t replace “one blood-soaked tyrant with another.”

Video: Introducing “the Paperfuge,” a centrifuge that only costs 20 cents to make but can spin biological samples at thousands of revolutions per minute.

“The first thing I did was tell the secretaries I needed every operating room open. I needed every scrub tech, every nurse, every perfusionist, every anesthesiologist, every surgeon—they all need to get here right away.” How one Las Vegas emergency room doctor handled a surge of penetrating gunshot patients—more than 200, ultimately.

A black beatnik, seeking the solace that Edward Abbey found in our Western wilderness, found casual racism alive and well in mountain towns.

Trend analysis: from docking stations to newspaper delivery, hotels struggle to know which amenities travelers want.

Brief interviews with seven people who happened to be sitting next to each other on a New York subway car.

"Asian-American cuisine" is a confusing, disappointing term, and yet it produces some of America's finest food.

Absent-mindedness can be seen as an adorable trait, or a sign of genius. But it’s likely just more dominant behavior from men.

Harrowing: Bodies of 26 teenage girls, probably victims of sex trafficking, were found floating in the Mediterranean Sea.

Between 2000 and 2015, more than 200,000 minors married legally in the States. Ninety percent were girls, some as young as 10.

Seven percent of Netflix fans watch shows on their phones in public bathrooms, and other peculiar user data.

“The shows I’ve worked on have all been really sound- and music-rich. And you’re just fundamentally gonna miss that if you’re listening at even 1.5.” Many people now listen to podcasts at high speed—much to the disgust of sound-proud producers.

Video: Cephalopods (squid and cuttlefish) come to life with microscopy footage.