Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: A spliff from a rose.

A new report, modeling future scenarios based on existing research, says the climate crisis may pose a doomsday scenario as soon as 2050.

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A report from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, the world’s most polluted capital

Training a common, large AI model can emit over 626,000 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent.

China warns its citizens against traveling to the US, citing frequent shootings and harassment.

The Central American migration boom that swamped US authorities in April grew by 32 percent in May.

Economists say Trump’s planned tariffs on Mexico will cost Americans as much as $900 per household.

Homelessness in Los Angeles grew 16% last year, to nearly 60,000 residents.

Baltimore enters its fifth week of electronic siege. As we previously noted, the city was likely hacked by EternalBlue, a piece of software created by the NSA, housed nearby.

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A new dataset—admittedly reported by a guy with skin in the game—suggests that adults of any age can master a new language nearly as quickly as children.

Two nuns in Southern California gambled away half a million dollars from a Catholic school’s coffers.

A dancer at a SoCal strip club said she was raped. The club, police, and district attorney didn’t do much. So she painted a billboard.

"The way I hold onto my sanity is by reminding myself to be angry." What it's like to live in solitary confinement.

Watch: When a computer creates a face for itself, then slowly forgets what it looks like (as a human).

More than half of American adults and over 60 percent of young Americans believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Something we didn't know was possible: How to roll a joint from a rose.

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