Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Afterlife with philodendron.

Over the past two weeks, Covid cases in the US have nearly tripled. / Associated Press

Success in driving down new Covid cases may have caused many Americans to forego vaccination. Unfortunately, it might take a new surge in deaths to make them reconsider. / The Atlantic

"The FDA's lack of formal approval has few benefits and large costs." Why the vaccines still aren't approved. / The New York Times

Only a handful of Olympic athletes are household names. Many of those competing will go back to their day jobs after the Games are over. / Vox

A group of artists floats an enormous head over Tokyo, intended to serve as an observer of the pandemic Olympics. / designboom

"Guys walk around with spray bottles of disinfectant and randomly spray people's luggage." Some notes on Covid travel in Peru. / Matt Lakeman

Up for auction: The Airstream trailer used by Tom Hanks on movie sets since 1993, complete with several espresso makers. / Bonhams

"They sow, they cultivate, they gather, steal, take, give, they have all sorts of transactions of food." The culinary traditions of Colombian guerrillas. / Atlas Obscura

Drone photos show the extent of the California drought's devastation. / Los Angeles Times

GMOs have a bad reputation, but that could change as the effects of global warming create a need for hardier crops. / The New York Times Magazine

Entrepreneurs, especially in New York, are throwing "business showers" for their start-ups, even asking for gifts. / The New York Times

The death-positivity movement has made traditional urns feel morbid and outdated. In response, an LA artist is making urns that double as planters. / Los Angeles Times

Producer Stefan Goetsch uses obsolete technology, including parts from nuclear labs—and even a US Navy dolphin-locating device—as "massive, single-tone synthesizers." / Pitchfork

See also: How audio engineers are breaking vintage songs down into individual tracks and refreshing them with new vibrancy and depth. / WIRED

Plates from 1851's "Prentzinger's Atlas of Astronomy." / Flashbak

Profile of a man who hasn't spent money in 18 years. / Capital Daily

"Hvar byrjar röðin? / Where does the line start?" Ten useless Icelandic phrases. / Iceland Magazine