Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: An anxious America.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Supreme Court's swing vote, plans to retire, enabling Trump to establish a conservative court.

Kennedy has long been considered "the most powerful man in America.” Multiple experts explain why.

An America after Anthony Kennedy looks significantly different from America before. The movement against mass incarceration could run into unprecedented resistance from the Court, and the anti-abortion movement could notch its greatest victories in a half-century. What happens to America—in terms of abortion, gay rights, and more—without Justice Kennedy.

Overturning Roe v. Wade really could come down to a single vote, and that one vote just announced its retirement.

Referencing McConnell's refusal to consider Merrick Garland, Schumer and other Democrats point out it would be hypocritical of Republicans to confirm a new Supreme Court justice before the midterms.

An anxious America might want to know why Kennedy, having posed the question in such poignant terms, would walk away at this moment. Assessing Kennedy's final Court opinion, upholding Trump's travel ban, in light of his retirement.

The Supreme Court weakened government unions yesterday, ruling that workers who don't join cannot be charged for collective bargaining costs.

According to new satellite images, North Korea is continuing to upgrade its weapons-grade nuclear development facility.

“They would call and say, you should be very careful if you enter the race. You’re about to get into a lot of trouble.” In the build-up to next month’s presidential election, 130 political workers have been murdered in Mexico.

After traveling two billion miles in four years, a Japanese space probe met its date, a rock named Ryugu.

If California does split up into three separate states, they all converge on a clothing-optional hot springs.

Research shows, at a chemical level, that running can defuse at least one important biological stress pathway.

A music video for your World Cup viewing: “Total Football” by Parquet Courts, from their new album—produced by Danger Mouse, incidentally—Wide Awake!.

Selections from Barry Phipps's "Iowa Photographs."