Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Android’s best friend.

Trump's call to execute the terrorist behind this week's attack in New York may compromise the court case, since defense attorneys could argue it prevents the defendant from receiving a fair trial.

ISIS has not claimed responsibility for the New York attack—its standard operating procedure when the attacker is arrested.

With slashed ad budgets, fewer healthy people may sign up for the ACA, which would drive up costs for participants. It’s a good thing Obama stepped in on Twitter to provide some ACA advertising on his own.

NAFTA negotiations could be disastrous for Texas, which trades $178 billion a year with Mexico—”more than the entire United States trades with any single country in Europe."

How, in 2014, Sports Illustrated predicted the Astros would win the 2017 World Series.

In Vegas, New York, and Mexico City, Snap Maps offered the most immediate look at disaster response—for now.

International aid rules have changed to allow countries deemed "wealthy" to still receive donations in emergencies.

An explanation of key terms in the Mueller investigation using examples from TV crime dramas.

Why fake news spreads: Repetition lends credibility, first impressions matter, and debunking is an uphill battle.

In 2016, Facebook gave advertisers a breakdown of users' political views—it's a cheat sheet to divide and conquer.

Like any publication, Breitbart's fashion critic says who wore it best based on who's in good grace with his bosses.

In a first, Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to an AI, Sophia, who may now have more rights than most Saudi women.

Sony brings back Aibo, its robot dog, which just like a real dog can upload everything it sees to the cloud.

Australia to ban climbing Uluru—aka Ayers Rock—a tourist magnet that holds deep cultural significance to Aborigines.

A Civil War historian on "state loyalty": Many slaveholders were nationalists—up until the nation chose abolition.

Lifting an 80-year rule requiring in-market physical studios, FCC paves the way for conglomerates to eat local news.

"Give me a lawyer, dog": Louisiana Supreme Court ignores common speech patterns and denies a defendant an attorney.

We treasure memories formed between the ages of 10 and 30. When the "reminiscence bump" is exploited, you get MAGA.

Tabloid Art History turns low/high culture distinction on its head.

Images of "holdout homes"—structures left standing in defiance of redevelopment.

“Gaining that one hour in the fall is far more beneficial for our health than losing an hour in the spring. It has been found that on the Monday after the fall transition, heart attack rates decrease.” How to prepare your body for the end of Daylight Savings Time.

Video: An animation of the sculptures at Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway.