Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Another white male

Jeff Sessions, ousted as Attorney General, is expected to be only the first Trump Cabinet member to go in a post-midterm shuffle.

Hundreds of protests are planned across the US “to demand Acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker recuse himself.”

Some animations to help answer the question: So was it a blue wave, or what?

In 2016, Donald Trump won Texas by nine points. “Ted Cruz’s winning margin this year sits at about 2.7.” Texas is a purple state now.

After the election, the percentage of women in the US Congress ranks around 80th out of 193 nations worldwide.

Trump is just the third president in 100 years to gain Senate seats in a midterm election, but lose House seats.

Everything you need to know about Trump revoking White House credentials for CNN’s Jim Acosta.

"Donald Trump doesn’t so much name his kids as brand them." A quick essay on Trump's love of marketing.

A white male shooter kills 12 in a country bar full of college students outside of Los Angeles.

Reports say the S&P 500 has a higher daily return when the McRib is available from McDonald’s. Actually, the truth is much messier.

A proliferation of odd terms in cryptocurrencies is a sign that new ideas and possibly important new technologies are afoot.

Cadavers are still used to perfect future generations of crash test dummies.

Sarah Hepola on our “new age of fertility enlightenment,” in which an egg-freezing revolution has come to pass for millennials.

A new book about very old human bodies offers surprises from the lives of medieval dentists, doctors, quacks, and artists.

Teenage and college bedroom decor really hit its stride in the 1970s when the poster industry exploded.

Without much evidence, a claim says Brutalism is back in architecture, though not "your grandparents’ Brutalist housing schemes."

Japan’s dry humor fully on display in some examples of everyday cosplay—e.g., “man who spilled coffee on himself”—from a recent Halloween event.

“I’m a very quiet person with strong opinions.” An Australian train driver spends his free time building a fake world.