Russia launches a large aerial assault on several Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv. / The South China Morning Post

In 2022, South Korea sold $17 billion in weapons, more than twice the amount of the previous year. / The Economist

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad goes to China for a bilateral summit with President Xi. / Reuters

The federal government is again offering free Covid-19 tests to Americans. / CNN

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A drug called Captagon, the trade name for fenethylline, shows signs of following in fentanyl's footsteps in the United States. / Undark

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Excerpts from conversations with 65 teenagers on the topic of social media. / The Cut

John Grisham, Jodi Picoult and George R.R. Martin are among 17 authors suing OpenAI for "systematic theft on a mass scale." / The Associated Press

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New software enables stalkers to "unmask" pornography actors. / WIRED

A fashion retailer summarizes how your shoes influence other people's perceptions of you, according to a psychologist's study from 2012. (Here's the original study.) / Mr Porter, Science Direct