China plans to increase its global power by building overseas ethnic-Chinese communities. / The Washington Post

A tally of 900 tech firms around the world finds more than 220,000 jobs cut in 2023. / The Economist

Seven global automakers band together to build an electric vehicle charging network in North America. / Quartz

Alaska faces a massive mining boom and Alaskans are worried about getting harmed in the process. / Grist

"Persuaders" are today's union busters—consultants paid well to prevent workers from organizing. (Amazon spent $14 million on anti-union consultants in 2022.) / Huffpost 

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A study finds only 35% of Gen Zers always tip their waiters at restaurants, and fewer than a quarter tip their hairstylists. / Fortune

A new legal strategy is trying to hold franchised hotels accountable for sex-trafficking crimes. / The New Yorker

"Attenzione, pickpocket!" A group of "undistracted citizens," who have long patrolled Venice, Italy, are now big on TikTok. / The New York Times 

For word puzzle lovers, a somewhat (new?) maddening game. / identiFIVE

Among the finalists of this year's DesignEuropa Awards: a modular climbing wall, an electric boat motor. / dezeen

A survey of nine overlooked women artists who are currently in their nineties. / Artsy

Sinéad O'Connor dies at 56. / The Irish Times

Morrissey: There is a certain music industry hatred for singers who don't fit in, "and they are never praised until death." / Morrissey Central

Camp ToB, the summer pop-up of the Tournament of Books, continues with a discussion of a novel about squash. / The Tournament of Books