Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Because Starbucks says so.

Bipartisan members of Congressencourage the president to impose sanctions on Beijing for incarcerating millions of Uyghur Muslims in “training centers.”

The White House has reportedlycreateda secret task force to sabotage public support for marijuana.

More evidence that Trump may have obstructed justice: disclosures about the White House doing nothing about Flynn.

Almost half of millennials in the US are minorities. You wouldn't guess it from a photograph of the 2018 White House intern class.

Then again, at least this year's picture didn't include a gesture of white power.

Regarding Nafta: The final result probably will be satisfactory, but the negotiation "doesn’t seem worth the price."

The math behind why it’s smart to bet $78.46 on 2018 not being the hottest year on record.

California moves to dismantle its cash bail system. Criminal justice advocates say that gives judges too much power.

Vermont's only black female lawmaker bows out over sustained race-related harassment.

Starbucks offends New Yorkers by reintroducing the Pumpkin Spice latte during a heat wave.

For anyone feeling like the dew point's a little high in their neck of the woods, here’s a live stream of this year's Burning Man festival in the desert.

The Education Department. says 240 schools reported a shooting in 2015-2016. NPR called them all and could only confirm 11.

Trapper Keeper organizers are banned at many schools, but vintage models go for hundreds of dollars online.

Protesters attack the new "uritrottoirs" (open-air urinals) in Paris—a city that still frowns on breastfeeding.

Casinos use “urinal theory” to optimize slot machine location. (Put unpopular machines in popular spots.)

Cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis in the States rose by 200,000 between 2016 and 2017.

How America became a land of mattress stores.

As recently as a year ago, Amazon single-handedly controlled the global smart speaker market. No longer.

For a century, baseball bats were made of ash, then Barry Bonds switched to maple—which is now preferred by 75% of batters.

Music video of the week: Cardboard melancholia for King Krule’s “Biscuit Town.”

That moment from Friends when Joey wears all of Chandler’s clothes? It just became a $9,000 Balenciaga jacket.

When #metoo men return to their careers without any mention of the movement, it suggests they haven’t learned much.

Five intimate friends, 15 close friends, 50 general friends, 150 acquaintances—that's the biggest network you can handle.

A Canadian woman cancels her dream wedding after guests refuse to pay a $1,200 admission fee.