Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Being cared for and being soothed.

The Brexit process “remains in deadlock” after the British Parliament fail to find a majority for any of eight different options on Wednesday.

The trouble with Theresa May’s promise to resign: “It does nothing to solve Britain’s Brexit mess.”

Very good Jeremy Harding on why the rage in France right now feels “like sublimated panic about the future.”

A visual comparison of the Mueller probe to other special investigations since 1973.

An oral history of the Sea Ranch, the bucolic planned community in California featured on Robert Mueller's hat.

A dozen red states have introduced bills in 2019 to overthrow Roe v Wade directly.

More than a third of China is invested in one massive mutual fund, making it the world’s largest.

A literary agency specializes in helping staffers leave the Trump White House safely (and richly).

Now available in northern Nevada: blockchain marriage certificates.

Biologists explain their candidates for “least useful body part.”

"My dreams can be real assholes." A man shares his dreams after being asleep for three weeks.

Freeway soundwalls got their start after Hollywood concert-goers in the 1940s were annoyed by traffic noise.

Edith Zimmerman says it’s time to demote the requirement that all lives have purpose.

Here are the five hottest fashion trends that men hate and how you can pull them off successfully.

In the Latino community, Vicks VapoRub inspires "a curious, nostalgic devotion."

Photographer Lisa Elmaleh makes tintype portraits of musicians in contemporary Appalachia.

An interview with Ronald Wimberly, comics artist and the author of the remarkable Prince of Cats, about his artistic practice.

Why does Calvin and Hobbes endure as art and literature? It's filled with "a deep understanding of people."

Paperback covers from a library of “post-war esoterica and UFO lore."

An article claims "there are signs that alien belief is poised to become one of the world’s ethical religions," or not.

Video: What extreme happiness sounds like.