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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Blessed be the fruit.

The US National Hurricane Center says the flooding caused by Hurricane Sally on the Alabama-Florida coastline is "historic and catastrophic." / The Guardian

Following the CDC director's Senate testimony in which he said a coronavirus vaccine wouldn't be widely available until at least mid-2021, Trump said that timeline was a "mistake." / BuzzFeed News

The editor-in-chief of Science: "I think the president thinks that he can just say something forcefully enough and make it true. That’s not really how science works." / WIRED

Scientific American endorses Joe Biden, the first time it’s endorsed a presidential candidate in its 175-year history. / Scientific American

A conservative group hired Arizona teens to behave like bots, posting messages like "Don't trust Dr. Fauci" to social media. / The Verge

According to a CDC report, almost all of the children and teens who've died of the coronavirus were Hispanic or Black. / Yahoo! News

"Conservative evangelical asks God to give her strength to incorporate forced hysterectomies into belief system." / The Onion

Barr argues that aside from slavery, stay-at-home orders are "the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history." / POLITICO

Yesterday's newsletter included projections from the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. A reader pointed out that other disease specialists are highly skeptical of that forecast. / NPR

Archaeologists studying past fires find evidence to suggest that federal fire suppression efforts are making wildfires more destructive. / SAPIENS

According to the FBI, murder rates soared in the first half of 2020, while violent crimes declined. / Bloomberg

The Federal Reserve expects interest rates to stay near zero through at least 2023. / The New York Times

Emily Ratajkowski on when a model owns her own image. / The Cut

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"The cube loves attention; I don’t." In his new book, Erno Rubik talks about his changing views on his famous puzzle. / The New York Times

See also: Fruit-shaped Rubik's Cube puzzles. / Laughing Squid

Gem-encrusted sculptures of rotting fruit, by Kathleen Ryan. / Colossal

A beautiful time-lapse video of molds growing. / The Morning News

"It is wilderness by proxy, Thoreau for the agoraphobic." Jonathan Bell on our delusional obsession with splendid isolation. / Mindspace

Watch: "David Lynch being a madman for a relentless 8 minutes and 30 seconds." / The Morning News

Covers of Stephen King's It, ranked from least to most terrifying. / Literary Hub