Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: It’s an illusion.

After killing eight on St. Martin and leaving Barbuda "barely habitable," Hurricane Irma is now hitting Puerto Rico, and will likely reach Florida on Sunday and may reach Georgia and South Carolina on Monday.

Aerial photos of St. Martin show the massive destruction left in Irma's wake.

"The water was warm, the layer of warm water was deep, and there was almost no wind shear, which tends to be very destructive to hurricanes. It can live up to its potential, if you will." What made Irma possible.

Here are the fake forecasts, photos, and videos about Irma that are circulating right now.

Bipartisan backlash over DACA and pressure to pass Harvey aid may have triggered Trump to change course and side with Democrats on a three-month debt deal.

Trump's rebuff of congressional Republicans gives Democrats leverage in the imminent DACA negotiations.

Facebook sends evidence to Mueller that Russian disinformation accounts bought $100K in advertising over the past two years—which to Facebook is "a little over one minute’s worth of revenue in a three-month quarter."

Azerbaijan sues two French journalists on defamation grounds for calling it a "dictatorship."

Price gouging can be an effective type of disaster aid unless bad publicity or big business get in the way.

“We look at this and realize that while they might be under water, we someday will be under crumbled buildings.” Los Angeles reevaluates its emergency-preparedness plans in light of Houston’s disaster.

Detroit hires a "chief storyteller," probably America's first, to show the city in other ways than "ruin porn."

“It is not just a couple of rogue individuals doing this... This is a large-scale political effort.” Trump’s exit from the Paris climate accord was part of a two-decade plan by a network of conservative charities.

What it's like to watch tennis from the very worst seat at the US Open: not that bad, says delusional reporter.

"Not for anyone in particular. For our damn selves." A list of reasons why pretty girls like trap music.

New funeral home in Japan offers drive-thru grieving, aimed at busy office workers and people in wheelchairs.

“If we bury state autonomy in order to deny patients an alternative to opioids, and ominously federalize our police, our hypocrisy will deserve the American people’s contempt.” The conservative case for medical marijuana.

For designing prototypes of new cars, clay remains the preferred medium.

David Hockney so loves spatial distortion, he has a trompe l'oeil fireplace in his living room.

“Almost any photograph can be considered Surreal, because it records a moment of reality that no longer exists and is therefore beyond the confines of time and probability.” Some examples of John Ashbery’s art criticism, how he (reluctantly) made a living before big awards started to fall.

A theory: The prevalence of jeans, ballpoint pens, water, and the sky is why blue is the world's favorite color.

What happens when a couple billion marbles get spilled in an art gallery.